Fast Staff Inc. (FAST) is a full-service staffing solution that meets and exceeds the staffing needs of our Clients and our Employees. The founding partners of FAST have over 20 years experience in the employment industry ranging from temporary, temporary-to-permanent, and permanent placement assignments. We have worked with companies ranging from the Fortune 100 to the small “mom-and-pop” establishments our country was founded on. Employees we have placed run the entire gamut—ranging from entry-level to CEO’s and VP’s, blue collar to white collar, and sales and marketing to general labor positions.

Given the ever-changing landscape of business today, there is rarely a single answer to the complex needs of our diverse Clients and Employees. What may prove a beneficial and successful approach for one Client or Employee may not produce those same results for another. Our exceptional customer service, career opportunities, and results oriented approach to employment enables us to create the right fit for both our Clients and employees. Our dedication coupled with our highly skilled approach to human resources, recruitment, staffing, and temporary help has enabled us to pair tens of thousands of qualified applicants with an ever-growing Client database.

Please allow us to utilize these same skills for you. Please contact us at 404-691-4747 in Atlanta.

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  • Job Seekers

    Find work, quickly! Fast Staff Inc. offers you the flexibility of short term projects, with the security and stability of a full-time permanent position.

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  • Employeers

    We offer your company the resources and expertise needed to provide you with the people you need, when you need them.

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